China Marine Shipping Agency, Guangxi Qinzhou


BUSINESS SCOPE: ----Attending to procedure for ship’s entry/departure; arranging pilotage and ship’s berth, cargo hold cleaning; loading/discharging supervision, barging, storage, container management, cargo canvassing, space booking, declaration, transshipment, computing/collecting freight, bills of lading/shipping documents issuance; ----Arranging bunkers /fresh water/provisions & stores supplies, salvage, vessels' inspection, repairs; ----Handling cargo claims and marine casualties, attending to delivery/redelivery of time-chartered vessel; ----Arranging crew replacement / repatriation, medical treatment, sightseeing and crew mail/spare parts forwarding, excursion, etc. PORT INFORMATION: East Channel: Basic depth -12.7m, total 24 sea miles long ; maximum width 160m. West Channel:: Basic depth -5.2m, total 13.2 sea miles long; maximum width 110m and minimum.


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