Established in 1995, Localgum Laboratories offers an alternative to commercially available products, which match patients to prescriptions https://healthlinerx.org/,compounding allows physicians to match prescription requirements to individual patient needs. With a comprehensive inventory of FDA-approved chemicals and formulas, each prescription is custom formulated to physician specifications. We are not a retail pharmacy with a compounding component, but a compounding-only practice. By definition, we are a hospital pharmacy transposed to the ambulatory environment, and can easily meet the needs of institutional and clinical practitioners. Localgum provides high-quality formulation and consultation services for healthcare practitioners, concentrating on specialty practices. By maintaining extensive profiles and sharing clinical experiences, we are a resource for physicians, often in the management of clinical evaluation programs and investigational protocols. Our pharmacists and technicians are trained in principles of compounding and aseptic techniques. We work extensively with specialty care practices and institutions, with a focus on the compounding of all sterile parenteral formulations, including preservative-free and/or preserved injectables, irrigating solutions, ophthalmics, and nasal sprays, among others. In most cases, we are able to meet a 24-hour turnaround for prescriptions. If an order requires immediate processing and we receive it by 1:00 p.m., we can usually have it to the patient [physician, institution or clinic] by the following morning.


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