Pan Marine


Pan Marine is your Egyptian independent partner in Shipping services, Logistics Services & Petroleum Services support. We have a very long experience in handling all types cargo ( General, Bulk ( Dry and Liquid ), project cargos, …etc ) in both Loading and Unloading. Also we are positioned to provide a very strong Agency services for Transiting the Suez Canal, same shown in a very smooth transiting schedule. Being ISO-certified 9001:2000 we guarantees our clients and Business Partners a very high quality service, as we are playing A key role in our local market. Why choose Pan Marine Agency : Through our excellent communications, we are able to Provide a strong and high standard full Agency services. We are closely following vsl’s operations (Load and/or Unload) to provide accurate (ETB, ETC & ETS), daily Reports and speeding up vsl’s operation to protect the ship From any false liability till smoothly sail. Our stevedores are highly experienced and have a reliable Record in performing very fast ship operations with the Highest quality ensuring cargo safety at the most economical Expenses. Also, with the advantage of having our storage yards inside harbors (In the main Egyptian ports Alexandria, Dekheila, Damietta and Suez), we guarantee our clients a very fast cargo turn over from ship to our storage yards which save money and time for our reliable clients. Pan Marine understand the importance of having highly experienced employees (In office and On shore) which guarantees our clients an easy, efficient and 24/7 communications, accordingly it was very important to employs X-Marine port captains to follow our vessels operations ensuring our clients high experience and efficiency while loading and/or Unloading, which is all for our clients best interest. And as we provide a service, we strive to reach our precious Clients highest satisfaction by both guaranteed high service quality and minimum Expenses which we can assure by having all services needed at one stop. Pls find hereunder a quick over view for our services as follows  Agency attendance for port calls and Transiting the Suez Canal:  Port Agency.  Bulk & General Cargo Agency.  Project & Heavy Lift cargoes services.  Tanker Agency.  Offshore Agency.  Cruise Agency.  Suez Canal Transit.  Crew change & medical assistance.  Parcel Clearance & Delivery (collection, storage in our ware houses and delivery of spare parts on owners' accounts)  Motorboat & Car services.  Bunkers & Lubricants supply.  Delivering Cash to Master.  Hull, deck and engine survey support.  Garbage & Waste oil disposal services  Diving support.  Marine Supplies (technical and general )  Repair and dry-docking services.  Equipment rentals (I. a. cranes, forklifts, containers & trailers)  Road Transportation.  Warehousing of equipments and spares.  Port Agency: Our Agency service including but not limited to the following : 1- Providing our clients with an estimated proforma D/A along with all needed information for the port of Call prior vsl’s arrival (i.e. port information and restrictions, loading/discharging rates and Facilities, needed certificates, ….etc ). 2- Providing the vsl's Master with all needed information prior his arrival. 3- Daily notices for vsl's owners / charterer and master with vsl's berthing Prospects and port condition ( Whether suffering congestion or not). 4- Sending detailed arrival report for the concerned parties. 5- Following up the vsl's operation (loading or Discharging), doing our best in minimizing the vsl’s time of stay on berth by excellent stevedoring companies under our supervision and protect The vsl from any false liabilities might occur. 6- Providing the vsl with all needed services. 7- Sending detailed sailing information for the concerned parties along with all needed documents. 8- Dispatching the final D/A in a very short time after vsl’s sailing ( Max within 30 days after sailing of vsl). 9- Settling the balances with our customers immediately along with statement of account.  Suez Canal Transit Pan Marine is on the spot in the Suez Canal as the reliable intermediary for transit co-ordination, funds transfer and efficient communication with our local offices in Port Said and Suez Ports. Pan Marine is positioned to ensure a smooth and prompt transit using our excellent relationships with local Authorities to ease any difficulties. We offer very smooth S.C Transiting (North & South ) providing all concerned parties (i.e. Owners, chatterers, operators and Managers) with the following :  Accurate D/A estimation (prior transit) to be as close to the actual transit tolls as possible to avoid any extra remittance from our principals.  Define Agency fees before transit, any other expenses being added as per the official Port / Canal tariff endorsed with the official receipts.  Owners are advised on the best way for their ship to be ready for transit so no unnecessary dues are calculated or extra tug or equipment is imposed on the vessel.  Arrange for vsls transit by notifying all concerned Authorities.  Make all necessary declarations and obtain approvals from all parties concerned for special cargo on board ( IMO, Cement, …. etc).  Advising / providing vsls Master with S.C Authority regulations in transiting the Suez Canal, along with all needed documentation by the S.C Authority specially in case of vsl's first transit to ensure accurate vsl measurement and trying to get the Authorized discount if applicable, also keeping Master and all concerned parties duly posted with transiting schedule on daily basis and asking vsl's Master to keep / maintain his vsl's arrival ETA and / or improve same according to principals instructions.  Keep close contact with vsl from arrival at outer anchorage in Port Said or Suez till it clears the Suez Canal and keeping owners timely informed.  The vsl is promptly attended upon arrival and before clearing by our trained staff at Port Said and Suez to coordinate with the Master for a smooth transit and for any needed requirements.  Interfering in unusual situations and providing strong assistance and legal support ( case needed ) to avoid or reduce any expected liabilities / fins.  Providing all needed services during vsl's transit including ( i.e. bunkering, supplies , crew change, delivery of spare parts, handing of cash to Master, …. Etc).  Crew change & medical assistance. Pan Marine provides a very efficient crew change service (either while attending the vsl as protecting Agent, owners matters or full Agency attendance). Pls find hereunder important detailed Information regarding our crew change service as follows : 1- Signing on : To enter Egypt, an Entry visa must be obtained either Prior arrival or upon arrival (depending on the conditions and nationalities). We arrange for visa prior arrival through sending an invitation letter to the Egyptian embassy at the on signers home country. The following information/papers are needed to proceed with all necessary formalities :  Full personal details ( Name, Nationality, Passport no., Seaman no, .... Etc ).  Copies of passports ( Seaman book and passport ).  Arrival flight details.  Airlines fax no. At your end to send the " Ok To Board ".  Departure flight details alongwith PNR and E-tickets no./copies ( For off singers and/or boarding). Upon booking on signers' arrival flight an "Ok To Board" will be sent from our side to the relevant Airline Co. to ensure smooth entry at the Egyptian Airports till obtaining visa upon arrival (case the joining crew need to get visa). Also, we can arrange for visa prior arrival through sending an invitation letter to the Egyptian embassy at the on signers home country. Upon arrival we arrange all the necessary for the joining crew including : 1- Meet And assist them at the Airport via our representative from the moment they arrive, finish the immigration formalities, national security, Airport police regulations and customs formalities till getting them out of the Airport and safely join their Limousine. 2- Transportation for the joining crew from Airport to Port or hotel. 3- Arrange for hotel accommodation (Case needed) and after receiving your goodselves confirmation 4- Signing on formalities at the destination Port. 5- Assist them till safely join the vsl. N.B. For Indian, Pakistani, Somali, Sirilanki, Bangladesh, Far East ( except: Japan and Korea ) and African Nationalities normally they should have their entry visa before arrival. To be able to get visa before arrival we will send an invitation letter to our Egyptian Embassy At their country to be able to obtain a visa. ** Crew change At Alexandria and Dekheila ports: In respect to crew change at Alexandria port and Its jurisdictions ( Dekheila port,.. Etc ):  Crew are to join / disembark vsl while at berth.  Alexandria, Borg Alarab or Cairo Airports are convenient for joining or disembarking crew.  Lower ranked crew of Asian nationalities are not allowed to sign on board non-similar flag vsls at Alexandria and its jurisdictions as per official regulations.  Only high ranked Asian nationalities crew could sign on any vessel regardless of its flag (I.e. crew holding certificates of Competency like masters, engineers, officers, ...etc are allowed to sign on any vsl at Alexandria and its jurisdictions).  Case lower ranked crew of Asian nationalities are having the same nationality as the vsl's flag, they can normally sign on vsl.  The above restriction does not apply for crew members signing off vsls or at any other Egyptian ports ( I.e. Suez, Port Said , Sukhna Port, ...etc).  Meantime, please note that European + Russian crew of any ranks could sign on any vsl regardless of its flag at Alexandria port and its jurisdictions. 2- Signing off: We also arrange all necessary for signing off crew including: 1- Signing off formalities. 2- Entry Visa. 3- Hotel accommodation (case needed) and After receiving your goodselve confirmation. 4- Transportation from port to Airport. 5- Assist them till safely join their Flight in time.  Parcel Clearance & Delivery We are able to arrange all necessary for spare parts in transit Including custom clearance, transportation from Airport to port, Storage at our warehouses and till delivery on board the vsl (through our shipping department). Performing the job threw our Logistics department enabling us Provide our customers a very competitive price (as all services Done at one stop) along with smooth and in time clearance. Spares need at least 48 hours excluding Friday and official holidays from their arrival Cairo for custom clearance till their delivery to vsl. The following must be inserted in the AWB or B/L: Master of M/-- ------------- C/O Pan Marine shipping - Egypt Ship spares in transit All parcels preferred to be sent in carton boxes. Case parcels were sent in wooden boxes, they must have fumigation mark (stamped) on the wooden boxes. (This is as per customs and ministry of agriculture regulations at all Egyptian Airports). In case of cartons and/or boxes shipped in ballet, it also must have it's fumigation mark (stamp). A copy of AWB or B/L, packing list and custom invoice must be sent to us prior arrival of spare parts. Our spare parts clearance service covering but not limited to the following:  Clearance at Airport.  Storage in our ware houses .  Bank Guarantee.  Transport to requested port.  Customs & officials receipts, expenses and charges.  Final clearance at sea port.  Miscellaneous expenses…etc.  Delivery on board the vsl ( while alongside ) "Door to board" and vice-versa. For more information, pls login to our following website While hoping you find the above mentioned information useful and in good order, please do not hesitate to contact us for all needed information/clarification proforma calculation for all Egyptian Ports along with Transiting the Suez Canal..