Berlian Persada Pratama PT Since 1995, BERLIAN PERSADA PRATAMA PT is a ship supplier. Seventeen years experience on marine industry make our company understanding customer satisfaction means. Our comitment twenty four hours and sevent days a week to develop vessel' s requirements and neccessaries throughout Indonesia International waters. Vision : make our company as a partner all shipping companies across the continent. Mision : providing outstanding service so as to make our company to be the best. Motto : your trust for our performance and service is an honor us for more progress.


Refrigerated Transportation Services Specialized Equipment - Cranes, Dredging, Offshore Trucking
Maritime Services & Supplies Bunker Brokers Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance
Surveyor & Tally Terminal - Storage, Handling & Warehousing Stevedore
Ship Management Ship Repair & Dry Dock Ship Chandler and Husbandry
Ship Agency

Ports covered

Kabil, Indonesia Wowoni is., Indonesia Widuri terminal, Indonesia
Wesiri, Indonesia Weda, Indonesia Wayabula, Indonesia
Wates, Indonesia Wanapiri, Indonesia Wamsasi, Indonesia
Waisarisa, Indonesia Waigeo is., Indonesia Wahai, Indonesia
Vesuvius bay, Indonesia Uleeheue, Indonesia Tubang, Indonesia
Tual (kai is.), Indonesia Tomoni, Indonesia Tomini gulf (celebes), Indonesia
Toboli, Indonesia Tanahmerah, irian jaya, Indonesia Taliwang, Indonesia
Talaud is., Indonesia Tahuna (sangi is.), Indonesia Susoh, Indonesia
Sungailiat, Indonesia Sungai pakning, Indonesia Sumenep, Indonesia
Sukadana, Indonesia Subi, Indonesia Steenkool, Indonesia
South pagai, Indonesia Sipura is., Indonesia Singkil, Indonesia
Singkep is., Indonesia Sinabang, Indonesia Simeulue is., Indonesia
Sigli, Indonesia Siberut is., Indonesia Siak, Indonesia
Serui, Indonesia Sermata is., Indonesia Serasan is., Indonesia
Sepasu, Indonesia Senipah terminal, Indonesia Sekupang, Indonesia
Seguntur, Indonesia Sawu, Indonesia Saumlaki, Indonesia
Sangkapura, Indonesia Seba, Indonesia Sanana, Indonesia
Sambas, Indonesia Salaya is., Indonesia Salawati, Indonesia
Sabang, Indonesia Sabagalet, Indonesia Royalist haven, Indonesia
Roti, Indonesia Ramba, Indonesia Raha, Indonesia
Poleng, Indonesia Poh, Indonesia Plaju, Indonesia
Piru, Indonesia Pini is., Indonesia Peta, Indonesia
Penuba, Indonesia Pemangkat, Indonesia Patani, Indonesia
Paleleh, Indonesia Pagerungan, Indonesia Okaba, Indonesia
Nunukan, Indonesia North pagai, Indonesia Nias is., Indonesia
Namlea, Indonesia Musi bar, Indonesia Muntok, Indonesia
Moa is., Indonesia Meulaboh, Indonesia Merauke, Indonesia
Meneng, Indonesia Memboro, Indonesia Melolo, Indonesia
Mekar putih, Indonesia Maumere, Indonesia Matua, Indonesia
Mataboor, Indonesia Manokwari, Indonesia Manna, Indonesia
Mangkasa, Indonesia Manggar, Indonesia Malingping, Indonesia
Malili, Indonesia Malahayati, Indonesia Madjene, Indonesia
Lomblen is., Indonesia Limas, Indonesia Lhokseumawe, Indonesia
Lhoknga, Indonesia Lepu, Indonesia Lawi lawi, Indonesia
Larantuka, Indonesia Langsa venture, Indonesia Lamobuang (peleng is.), Indonesia
Lalang marine terminal, Indonesia Labuhanbilik, Indonesia Labuantring bay, Indonesia
Labuanbajo, Indonesia Kwatisore, Indonesia Kumai, Indonesia
Krui, Indonesia Korim, Indonesia Kokonau, Indonesia
Kijang, Indonesia Kassue, Indonesia Kasim marine terminal, Indonesia
Karambu, Indonesia Karambu, Indonesia Kaliandak, Indonesia
Kalabahi, Indonesia Kakap natuna marine terminal, Indonesia Kajang, Indonesia
Jambi, Indonesia Ilwaki, Indonesia Idi, Indonesia
Gunungsitoli, Indonesia Greater sunda islands, Indonesia Geser, Indonesia
Genteng, Indonesia Gebe island, Indonesia Galela, Indonesia
Enggano is., Indonesia Dumaring, Indonesia Dobo (aru is.), Indonesia
Dendang, Indonesia Demta, Indonesia Dabo, Indonesia
Dabo, Indonesia Cinta terminal, Indonesia Celukan bawang, Indonesia
Camar marine terminal, Indonesia Calang, Indonesia Buru is., Indonesia
Buol, Indonesia Bunyu, Indonesia Bunguran is., Indonesia
Bula, Indonesia Buatan, Indonesia Bonthain, Indonesia
Blang lancang, Indonesia Biringkasi, Indonesia Bira, Indonesia
Beo (talaud is.), Indonesia Baubau, Indonesia Barus, Indonesia
Banggai, Indonesia Banda elat (kai is.), Indonesia Bagansiapi api, Indonesia
Babo, Indonesia Baa, Indonesia Ardjuna, Indonesia
Api api, Indonesia Ansudu, Indonesia Anoa marine terminal, Indonesia
Ampenan, Indonesia Alusi, Indonesia Airbangis, Indonesia
Aimere, Indonesia Agats, Indonesia Adaut, Indonesia
Amamapare, irian jaja, Indonesia, Indonesia Edinburgh, Indonesia
Kabil, batam, Indonesia Tanah grogot, Indonesia Pacitan, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia Madura, Indonesia Pt karunia empat bersama ( crewing ), Indonesia
Crewing jakarta indonesia , Indonesia Makasar, Indonesia Tanjung perak, Indonesia
Muara berau, Indonesia Batam, Indonesia Waingapu, Indonesia
Tuban marine terminal, Indonesia Toboali, Indonesia Tobelo, Indonesia
Timor is., Indonesia Ternate, Indonesia Terampa, Indonesia
Tepa (babar is.), Indonesia Tembelan is., Indonesia Telukdalem, Indonesia
Teluk semangka, Indonesia Teluk bungus, Indonesia Teluk betung, Indonesia
Teluk bayur, Indonesia Telok ayer, Indonesia Telo, Indonesia
Tegal, Indonesia Tarakan, Indonesia Tapaktuan, Indonesia
Tanjungredep, Indonesia Tanjung uban, Indonesia Tanjung selor, Indonesia
Tanjung pinang, Indonesia Tanjung pemancingan, Indonesia Tanjung pandan, Indonesia
Tanjung lepee, Indonesia Tanjung gerem, Indonesia Tanjung bara, Indonesia
Tanjung balai, Indonesia Tanjung balai, Indonesia Tanah merah, kalimantan, Indonesia
Surabaja, Indonesia Sumba is., Indonesia Sumbawa, Indonesia
Sumatra, Indonesia Sorong, Indonesia Sibolga, Indonesia
Sebuku, Indonesia Santan terminal, Indonesia Sangkulirang, Indonesia
Sampit, Indonesia Sampang, Indonesia Rembang, Indonesia
Pulau sambu, Indonesia Pulau naira, Indonesia Pulang pisau, Indonesia
Poso, Indonesia Pomalaa, Indonesia Pekanbaru, Indonesia
Pelabuhanratu, Indonesia Pekalongan, Indonesia Pasuruan, Indonesia
Pare-pare, Indonesia Pantoloan, Indonesia Pangkalbalam, Indonesia
Pangkalan susu, Indonesia Panarukan, Indonesia Pangerungan, Indonesia
Palu, Indonesia Manado, Indonesia Mamuju, Indonesia
Madura, Indonesia Luwuk, Indonesia Labuha, Indonesia
Kupang, Indonesia Kuandang, Indonesia Kualalangsa, Indonesia
Kuala tanjung, Indonesia Kuala beukah, Indonesia Kuala kapuas, Indonesia
Korido, Indonesia Kolonodale, Indonesia Ketapang, Indonesia
Kendari, Indonesia Karimata is., Indonesia Kangean is., Indonesia
Kalbut sts terminal, Indonesia Kaimana, Indonesia Jayapura, Indonesia
Java, Indonesia Gresik, Indonesia Gorontalo, Indonesia
Gilmanuk, Indonesia Flores sea, Indonesia Flores is., Indonesia
Fak-fak, Indonesia Ende, Indonesia Donggala, Indonesia
Ciwandan, Indonesia Cirebon, Indonesia Cilacap, Indonesia
Cigading, Indonesia Bitung, Indonesia Buleleng, Indonesia
Belida marine terminal, Indonesia Bima marine terminal, Indonesia Biak, Indonesia
Bima, Indonesia Benteng, Indonesia Benoa, Indonesia
Bengkulu, Indonesia Bengkalis, Indonesia Belinyu, Indonesia
Bawean is., Indonesia Batu is., Indonesia Batakan, Indonesia
Batu licin (borneo), Indonesia Banyuwangi, Indonesia Bangka is., Indonesia
Balongan, Indonesia Bali is., Indonesia Atapupu (timor), Indonesia
Anyer, Indonesia Amurang, Indonesia Ambon, Indonesia
Alor is., Indonesia Ujung pandang, Indonesia Tanjung redeb, east kalimantan, Indonesia
Tanjung priok, Indonesia Surabaya, Indonesia Semarang, Indonesia
Sangatta, east kalimantan, Indonesia Samarinda, east kalimantan, Indonesia Probolinggo, Indonesia
Pontianak, Indonesia Panjang, Indonesia Palembang, Indonesia
Padang, Indonesia Merak, island of, Indonesia Medan, north sumatera, Indonesia
Kota baru, south kalimantan, Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Dumai, sumatera, Indonesia
Cilegon, banten, Indonesia Bontang, east kalimantan, Indonesia Belawan, Indonesia
Batu ampar, Indonesia Banjarmasin, south kalimantan, Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia
Balikpapan, east kalimantan, Indonesia our services global area, Indonesia