Cv Asindo Ship Chandler


We are of the CV. ASINDO SHIP CHANDLER , a company engaged in the ship chandler / suppliers in Indonesia, our company was established since 2005 until now we are still active as a major supplier in Indonesia. We often supply the ships coming into the port of Indonesia. supply, provision, cabin stores, bonded stores, medical, deck and engine stores, chemical and lub oil , marine fuel, safety equipment, etc. Other services: oil sludge, garbage remolve, laundry, fresh water, etc. more information please visit our website: thanks & regards


Ferry Owners / Services LOLO / RORO Specialized Equipment - Cranes, Dredging, Offshore
Trucking Maritime Services & Supplies Maritime Organizations
Bunker Brokers Shipyards & Newbuildings Ship Valuation and Consulting
Liquid - Ship Brokers / Cargo Chartering Cruise Ships - Agency Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance
Surveyor & Tally Tugs & Towage Terminal - Storage, Handling & Warehousing
Dry - Ship Brokers / Cargo Chartering Stevedore Sale & Purchase
Ship Repair & Dry Dock Ship Chandler and Husbandry Legal Services
Charterers Ship Agency

Ports covered

Buluminung, east kalimantan, Indonesia Adang bay, Indonesia Banjarmasin, Indonesia
Surabaya, Indonesia our services global area, Indonesia Kabil, batam, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia Madura, Indonesia Muara berau, Indonesia
Batam, Indonesia Tanjung perak, Indonesia Makasar, Indonesia
Teluk bayur, Indonesia Tanjung uban, Indonesia Tarakan, Indonesia
Tanjung pemancingan, Indonesia Tanjung bara, Indonesia Tanjung balai, Indonesia
Sumatra, Indonesia Sekupang, Indonesia Senipah terminal, Indonesia
Sebuku, Indonesia Sampit, Indonesia Sampang, Indonesia
Pekanbaru, Indonesia Pekalongan, Indonesia Pangkalbalam, Indonesia
Pantoloan, Indonesia Pangkalan susu, Indonesia Manado, Indonesia
Madura, Indonesia Kumai, Indonesia Kuala tanjung, Indonesia
Kualalangsa, Indonesia Kendari, Indonesia Jambi, Indonesia
Java, Indonesia Gresik, Indonesia Gilmanuk, Indonesia
Cirebon, Indonesia Ciwandan, Indonesia Dabo, Indonesia
Cilacap, Indonesia Cigading, Indonesia Bunyu, Indonesia
Bengkulu, Indonesia Baubau, Indonesia Batu licin (borneo), Indonesia
Banyuwangi, Indonesia Balongan, Indonesia Bali is., Indonesia
Api api, Indonesia Anyer, Indonesia Ampenan, Indonesia
Ujung pandang, Indonesia Tanjung redeb, east kalimantan, Indonesia Padang, Indonesia
Tanjung priok, Indonesia Surabaya, Indonesia Semarang, Indonesia
Sangatta, east kalimantan, Indonesia Samarinda, east kalimantan, Indonesia Probolinggo, Indonesia
Pontianak, Indonesia Panjang, Indonesia Palembang, Indonesia
Kota baru, south kalimantan, Indonesia Merak, island of, Indonesia Medan, north sumatera, Indonesia
Cilegon, banten, Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia Dumai, sumatera, Indonesia
Bontang, east kalimantan, Indonesia Batu ampar, Indonesia Belawan, Indonesia
Banjarmasin, south kalimantan, Indonesia Balikpapan, east kalimantan, Indonesia